The Georgian Academy of Medical Sciences.

The Georgian Academy of Medical Sciences has been founded in 1994. It was the first non-state scientific academy in the former Soviet Union. The aim of the Academy is to support the development of medical service in Georgia. The main objectives of the Academy of Medical Science of Georgia goal is to create optimal conditions for the development of medical sciences, including scientific research in priority directions of scientific workers, medical science advances, the introduction, the development of short and long term medical programs and other.Also the Academy of Medical Science of Georgia function is a consultation and expert work for governmental and other structures.The Academy is self-governing, self-financing, non-profit and non-governmental organization having its own charter and election regulation. The Academy was founded by 29 doctors with the rank of Doctor of Medicine and professor of medicine, recognized by the society working in various medical specialties of Georgia. Among them are the leading Georgian specialists from the fundamental and clinical medicine field. Among the founders of the academy was a morphologist, physiologist, pathologist, immunologist, therapist, surgeon, pediatrician, critical care medicine and other specialties doctor. According to the decision of the founding meeting, all academicians with the medical specialty of the National Academy of Sciences became a member of the Academy of Medicine of Georgia.The Minister of Health of Georgia was Representatives of the Government of Georgia and other officials attended the meeting.Also The Patriarch of Georgia His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II has blessed the Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia. Georgian Academy of Medical Sciences has been registered in the Ministry of Justice of Georgia. Until now, 82 doctors of various professions were members of the Academy of Medicine of Georgia. 54 of them are dead and 28 members continue to work. The daily activities of the academy will be conducted by their own charter and the new members are elected as well as the election provisions approved by him. Academy under the auspices of the English language comes out and reviewing international recognition of the magazine "Critical Care & Catastrophe Medicine" and also under the auspices of the Academy of the Georgian language coming out and reviewing journal "Georgian Surgery Proceedings," The Georgian Academy of Medical Science evry year organization Tbilisi International Symposium: "New Steps in Critical Care & Catastrophe Medicine", as well as the Academy every year in spring and autumn sessions and other scientific activities. There was a Academy fundamental medicine, therapy, surgery and medical ecology departments. Now there is a theoretical and clinical medicine departments. Academy of daily activities hed Academic Council (Prezidumi), which includes the President, Vice- President, Scientific Secretary and Heads of Departments. Regulations of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia Academy members may be of medical service, working with Professor of Medicine doctoral degree.Which also created an internationally recognized new scientific direction in medicine. The academic member is selected by the General Assembly of the Academy in compliance with the election provision. Besides, the composition of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgian Medicine can not exceed 30 members. The first President of the Academy was Professor Zaal Kakhiani, First Vice President Professor- Givi Dumbadze and later Vice-Presidents was Professor Vladimir Bakhutashvili and Professor Guram Tatishvili, who before that was head of the Surgical Department.Currently President is Professor Ramaz Khetsuriani - Head of Human Normal Anatomy Department of Tbilisi State Medical University, Vice-President is Professor Zurab Kheladze - Director of Georgian Institute of Critical Care Medicine, which before that was the first Learned Secretary of the Academy. Theoretical Medicine Department since its inception head Professor Nodar gogebashvili and the heads of the Therapeutic Department at the different times was Professor Iracly Chumburidze and Professor Ilia Zedgenidze.Also the Surgical Department was headed by Professor Revaz Vepkhvadze and Medical Ecology Department - Professor Kiazo Nadareishvili. Clinical Medicine Department headed by Professor Revaz Gagua Georgian Academy of Medical sciences 2013 in The Italyan Capital Rome was adopted as a candidate for membership of the World Interacademy Partnershyp and in 2016 in the South African city Hermenius diuring the General Assembly was elected as a full member of this organisation.

The Founding Council of the Georgian Academy of Medical Sciences Agenda-27.05.1994

1.Zaal Kakhiani -Goal and Objectives of Georgian Academy of Medical Sciences 2.Giiv Dumbadze - Recognition of the Authority of the Founding Members of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia 3. Zurab Kheladze- Statute of the Georgian Academy of Sciences and the Regulation of Elections 4. Ministry of Health Care of Georgia Irakli Menagarishvili - Government of Georgia welcomes establishment of Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia 5. Patriarch of Georgia His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II - Georgian Orthodox Church Wants Success of the Georgian Academy of Medical Sciences 6. Certification of the members of the academy

List of Founding Members of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Georgia

1. Zaal Kakhiani- President, Surgery, Died. 2. Givi Dumbadze- Vice-Prezident, Pathology, Died. 3. Zurab Kheladze-Learned Secretary, Critical Care Medicine. 4. Nodar Gogebashvili- Hed of Department, Immunology. 5. Irakli Chumburidze, Head of Department,Therapy, Died. 6. Gaioz Vasadze- haed of the Council of Experts, Pathology, Died. 7. Revaz Vephkhvadze-Rentgenologyst&Radiologyst head of department, Died. 8. Levan Charkviani, Oncology, Died. 9. Etery Bocvadze, Infectionyst, Died. 10. Nino Javakhishvili, Morfology, Died. 11. Ramaz Khetsuriani, Morphology. 12. Baadur Rachvelishvili, Therapy, Died. 13. Ilia Zedginidze, Hematology. 14. Ucha Gabunia, Pathology, Died. 15. PNugzar Tatishvili, Therapy, Died. 16..Alecsander Sykharulidze, Physiology, Died. 17. Lavrenty Managadze, Urology. 18. Vladimer Bakhutashvili, Virusology, Died. 19. Luba Shetsiruly, Dernatology, Died. 20. Tamar decanosidze, Pathology, Died. 21. Frydon Todua, Rentgenologyst & Radiologyst, Died. 22. Revaz Gurgenidze, Optalmology, Died. 23. Vaxtang Kavtaradze,Therapy, Died. 24. Tengiz Zakariadze Therapy, Died. 25 .Avtandil Lachkepiani Neurologhy, Died. 26. Vladimer Gabashvili, Neurologhy, Died. 27. Nycoloz khatiashvili, Therapy, Died. 28. Vaja Ocujava, Phisiology, Died. 29. Gia Gocieli, Surgeon.

List of Died Members of The Georgian Academy of Medical Sciences

1 Zaal Kakhiani-Surgery,Prezident 2. Dumbadze Givi- Vice –President, Patology, 3. Bakhutashvili Vladimer-Viorusology,Vice-Prezident 4. Tatishvili Guram-Surgery, Vice-Prezident 5. Dekanosidze Tamar - Patology 6. Asatiani Archil –Physiology 7. Ioseliani Teimuraz – Physiology 8. Okujava Vazha-Physiology 9. Javakhishvili Nino -Morphology 10.ChaniashviliTeimuraz–Microbiology 11. Oniani Tengiz – Physiology 12.Turmanauli Givi -Pharmacology 13. Kipiani Vakhtang - Physiology 14. Kurashvili Vitali - Microbiology 15. Gabunia Ucha - Patology 16. Nadareishvili Kiazo - Byophysic, Hed of Department 17 Tsitskishvili Maradi - Byophysic 18. Zurabashvili Zurab- Pathology. 19.Vasadze Gaioz- Byophysic, Had of Expert Comission 20. Abdushelishvili Givi -Antropology 21. khatiashvili Nikoloz -Phisiology 22. Saakadze Vadim– Prophylactic Medicine 23..Chumburidze Irakli-Cardiology, Chair of Department 25. Botsvadze Etery-Infectionyst 26, Kavtaraze Vaxtang-Cardiology 27 Gabashvili Vladimer-Neurology 28 Zakariadze Tengiz-Terapy 29. Rachvelishvili Baadur- Terapy 30. Tvildiani David-Cardiology 31. Shetsiruli Luba-Dermatology 32. Giorgadze Alexandre - Rendgenology&Radiology 33. Bochorishvili Vakhtang- Infectionyst 34. Gurgenidze Guram-Alergology 35.Tatishvili Nugzar-Therapy 36. Kipshidze Nodar- Therapy 37. Gamkrelidze Shota –Phsichiatry 38 Lachkepiany Avtandil- Neurology 39. Gurgenidze Revaz-Ophtalmology 40. Ioseliani Giorgi-Seurgery 41. Charkviani Levani -Oncology 42. Todua Fridon - Rendgenology&Radiology 43. Gagua Revaz -Onkology,Head of Depratment 44. Kufaradze Mikheil-Phtysiatry. 45. Goguadze Jemal-Traumatology 46. Bregadze Aleqsander-Seurgery 47. khechinashvili Simon -Oto-Rino-larigology 48 Vefchvadze Revaz - Rendgenology&Radiology 49. Gelbakhiany Gedy-Therapy 50.Alecsander Sykharulidze-Physiology 51.mMosidze Vakhtang- Physiology 52. Khananasvili Mikheil- Physiology 53.David Sakvarelidze-dermatology&Venerology 54. Giorgi Kavtaradze-Therapy, Died

List of current members of the Georgian Academy of Sciences

1 .Ramaz Khetsuriani-Prezident of Academy,Morphology. 2. Zurab Kheladze-Vice-Prezident of Academy,Critical Care Medicine 3. Nodar Gogebashvili-Head of Depasrtment of The Theoretical Medicine,Immunology 4. Guram Becaia,Fisiology 5 Besarion Kilaconia –Forensic Medicine 6Ramas Shengelaia-Hystory of Medicine 7 Dimitry Tsverava-Reabilitation 8. Vaxtang Meunargya-Microbiology 9. Omar Khardseishvili-Patology 10. Shota Djaparidse-Oto-Rino_larigology 11. Gia Gokieli-Surgery 12 Nodar Llomidze – Surgery 13. David Tatishvili-Reabilitology 14. Ramaz Kutubidze-Chyldrens Surgery 15. Palico Kintraia-Gynecology 16. Mamuca Zodelava-Hematology 17. Nodar Emuxvary-Cardiology 18.Laury Managadze-Urology 19. Gia Tomadze-Transplantology 20. Zviad Kheladze-Critical Care Medicione 21. Alecsander Kistaury-Therapy14. 22.Karaman Fagava-Pediatry 23.Alecsander Aladashvily - Invasyv Cardiology 24.Alecsander Tsalugelashvily-Oncology 25.Gia Svanidze-Rendgenology&Radiology 26.Dudana Gachechiladze- Rendgenology&Radiology 27.Nicoloz Kintraia –Ginecology 28.Ilia Gotsadze-Surgeory, Oncology

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